The Chairman of the occasion!
The Proprietor, Semeridian Modern Schools
The staff here present
All the invited Guest!
Ladies and Gentlemen!

It is a great sense of humility and respect to all our parents and invited guest gathered here in this great occasion, on behalf of my humble self and my graduating colleagues, I heartily welcome each and every one of you and thank you for scarifying your time to attend this year 2019 Prize Giving and Graduation Ceremony. I feel honored and indeed very happy to address this great gathering, permit me to go on a memory lane, exactly one year ago the school authority appointed me to be the senior prefect of this dynamic school today I am giving my last speech in this exalted position. We are all familiar with the Holy Book which says that, “there is a time for everything, time to born and a time to die”. Yes! This is the time to leave the sense for others, but as I graduate today, I would like to use this opportunity to point out some achievement made so far since we were appointed prefects of this great institution.

We have supported our teachers with the followings;
1. We have helped our teachers to coordinate the little ones when they are out for prayers
2. We have assisted the staff to monitor the pupils when they are out for break
3. We have also joined the teachers to ensure that no pupil uses Pidgin English while in the school.
We are no more in the 90s Technology has advanced and that is why the school management has made online channel available for you to pay school fees, check midterm result, class work, assignments, end of the term result,
track academic performances and moral behavior of your children anywhere, anytime
The use of mobile technology cannot be over emphasized. Some of our parents cannot lay hands on their primary school results let alone Nursery school results this could be as a result of flood , fire outbreak or moving from one location to another but now with the help of ICT you can access your result anytime and anywhere in the world. That is the more reason why the Semeridian Modern School has provided access to you on your mobile devices for quick and optimized navigation
1. I also urge our parents to support the use of ICT in the school and provide all the necessary writing and reading materials as it’s required by the school authority to maintain the good testimonies of the school.

2. Lateness to school – Some of our parent dress their children shabbily and bring them to school late.

As I live this stage today I plead with our parent to look into the above mentioned issues in other to prepare their children for better and greater tomorrow. Before I let my emotion sweep me away, I would like to tell my classmates who are sitting here well equipped to face the next level of academic experience, thank you for all the memories, the play, the fight, the team efforts, the assignment, the laughter, the photo and all the nice time we had together. I don’t think I would forget this awesome experience
To bring this address to a close, I thank the school authority and all the pupils for giving me this privilege to lead and gain a lot of experiences from leadership and all that the school has invested in us both morally and academically which had made me to stand boldly before you today, my special appreciation goes to my proprietor Mr. DC Solomon whom we call him uncle Sunday who is committed to the academic excellent of each and every one of us.
He made mathematics very interesting and easy for us, may God bless him
God bless our parent, God
and God bless Nigeria.
Thank You.
The Head Boy

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The chairman of the occasion
The representatives of NAPPS
The PTA Excos
Staff here present,
Graduating pupils
Ladies and Gentlemen.

My heart is filled with praises and thanksgiving to the Almighty God as I welcome all of you to this great occasion. What started as a dream has come to an amazing realization. These pupils graduating today were admitted by us, some of them could hardly speak but today they are graduating after developed under our watchful eyes. The joy of every parent is to give birth to a child and to watch that child grow physically, morally and academically. Your presence here today is already an indicator that this event is a huge success.

Education therefore, is a process that seeks to equip a child with appropriate information, knowledge, skills values and attitude necessary to live a productive life in the society. A nation development is directly proportional to her achievement in education. Consequently, importance of education for human and economic development can never be over emphasized. Right from the cradle, teachers are involved in shaping and making individuals (children). Today, the demands of modern society detect that parents leave their homes early in the morning, only to return late at night. During this long period of absence, it is the school and teachers that take responsibilities of caring, educating and over-all nurture of the child, by implication school and teachers play a great role in determining the nature and dynamic of any society.

Our School and Mandate
Semeridian Modern Schools means Solomon Exceptional Meridian Modern Schools.
Exceptional talks about being superior; Meridian is the highest point or state of consciousness and enlightenment achievable by a human. Also a great circle passing through the poles of the celestial sphere and zenith for a particular observer. Celestial is related to heaven in a religious sense and pertaining to the highest degree of glory. Our mandate and mission is to guide every child who passes through our school to accomplish all these, using modern teaching and learning resources. At moment, our teachers are balanced in all area of academic. Before recruiting our teachers, we always take into cognizance, diligence, commitment, interest in the well being of pupils and students, knowledge of the subject matter, style of delivering lesson, honesty, trust, ability to use ICT and other related technological resources to transfer knowledge.

Now to the graduands, my dear children, we thank God for guiding you through this level of academic experience successfully. Note that we and your parents have toiled and labored day and night to mode for you a formidable foundation for your future greatness, we have trained you both in and outside the classes, we have inculcated in you academic, spiritual and moral values. We have also trained you in the ways of God. We urge you not to leave these values because they are your keys for tomorrow. You are the ambassador of this school; you are the mirror through the society we look at the school. As you face next the academic experience, allow God to guide you, choose your friends, don’t allow your friends to choose you or influence you negatively.

We will keep on praying for you all until you attain the highest point of enlightenment achievable by a human.

Before I end my address, I wish to use this opportunity to thank all the staff of this great institution, parents and well-wishers, May Almighty God bless you.

Thank you for staying with us.


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ICT Week Updates

We want to sincerely appreciate the school management board, our dear parents, staff and students of Semeridian Modern Schools Abuja for your efforts and maximum cooperation to ensure that the ICT week was a success. We are always at our very best to serve you better… God bless you all.


Please be reminded that our second examination comes up on 25th march, 2019 and ends on 2nd April, 2019.

Pupils are expected to read their books and get prepared for the exams in order to perform excellently well in their result. However, our revision week starts on Monday 18th March, 2019 and ends on Friday 22nd march, 2019. Our closing time onward will be 12:30pm.

Therefore, no child will be allowed to sit for second term examination on Monday 25th March, 2019 if he/she has not completed all the fees as stated in your previous letter.

God bless you and have a great weekend.


Open day/Parents – Teachers interactive section. The purpose of this section is to creative effective parent-teachers relationship.

During this section, major issues as regard to the pupil’s welfare and academic activities will be handled.

The section will start on Friday 15th March, 2019 (Time: 7:00am – 11:30am) and it will be extended to Saturday 16th March, 2019 (Time: 8:00am – 11:00am) to enable all the parents/guardians to participate. Parents are expected to come with their wards; suggestions, contributions and opinions are welcome during this section.

Please Note:

  • Revision for second term commence 18th March, 2019. Therefore, closing time will be 12:00pm.
  • Second term examination starts from 25th March to 2nd April, 2019.
  • Second term results can only be printed for those who have completed their school fees including ICT levy.
  • Second term examination time table is out; you can view it  or download and print it out if you wish, simply log on to our website ( from the home page, click on the curriculum and then scroll down to see it.
  • You can also review or print your child’s result by clicking on the school portal in our website.

Technology can become the “wing” that pilots the educational world to fly farther and faster than ever before, if only we will allow it.


No child will be allowed to sit for exam, if he/she has not completed the fees as stated in your previous letter.

Cooperate with us as we are committed to serve you better.

Signed: Management.


Greetings to our dear parent and guardians, this is to inform you that we will be having our ICT week from Monday 11th – 15th March , 2019. W wish to use this medium to train your kids on;

  1. How to use the school website to source for information.
  2. How use the school portal to check results and other related activities.
  3. How to use educational Apps for kids and other basic information.

Please, prepare your child/wards very well to take active part in that program.

Thanks and God bless you.


The  school management wishes to notify all our parents that the school will observe her mid-term break from Wednesday 13th to Tuesday 19th February, 2019 respectively. Within this specified days, your child/wards are expected to be at home.

Meanwhile, school resumes on Tuesday 19th February, 2019.

The pupils are expected to resume with the following:

  1. School fees, N12,500 for primary education level,  N11,500 for nursery section and N500 PTA levy for those who are yet to pay (please sum all and pay together including ICT).
  2. Tissue paper and two tablet soaps.
  3. N500 for ICT, this is very important because your child’s result can only be accessed and printed online.
  4. Monogram badge is available for purchase at N500 (Note: if you buy one on time, you will be one as a bonus, making two badges).
  5. Lesson fee N1,000 for those staying for lesson.


Our school has created a channel for you to monitor, check and print your child’s academic performance anywhere you re in the world, why not take the advantage and explore this innovative development. To do that, simply log on to Note: your child’s admission number is your user ID, your password is written on the assignment sheet (please copy it out for future use). If you encounter any difficulty, please call 07067654337 for help.

Carefully guide your child to do his/her Mid-term Assignment correctly because, it will serve as part of their assessment for this term.

Please cooperate with  the school authority to avoid sending your child home as result of default.

Wishing you peaceful general elections 2019.

Signed: Management.