Welcome Address By The School Proprietor

On behalf of myself , the entire staff, pupils and students of Semeridian Modern Schools Abuja, we warmly welcome you to one of the unique and interesting school to be in.

We provide pre-Nursery, Nursery, Primary and of cause Secondary Education (in-view).

We have a good learning atmospheric environment as well as dedicated, certified, experienced and competent staff to handle your child both mentally and morally.

Education serves as a keystone in improving the society and building  better future for all.

At Semeridian Modern Schools, we  have the master key and tool.

We strive for excellence in all our academic pursuits.

We are committed to innovation in our teaching, research, and outreach to our society.

We focus on continuous self improvement to achieve excellence in all our endeavors.

We are committed to the highest standard of honesty, fairness, respect, professional and scholarly ethics.

We value the dignity and worth of all people.

All our conducts are based on integrity,mutual respect, civility, and these are driven by the highest ethical standard.

We embrace all aspect of human diversity and value it’s necessity to ensure a vibrant learning.